About Us

Welcome to Anyo Manila, where fashion, function, and sustainability merge to create timeless pieces for the everyday woman. Founded by Cha, a creative entrepreneur who dared to dream, we are a Filipino-designed online fashion and lifestyle brand that is redefining the boundaries of sustainable fashion.

At Anyo Manila, we believe that every woman should feel confident and beautiful. That's why we create high-quality, elegant, and functional clothing pieces that are not only suitable for professional settings but also for everyday wear. We aim to unleash your confidence and enhance your look, making every day a stylish statement.

Our mission is rooted in sustainability. We are proud to be part of a rising global movement that emphasizes eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry. With a commitment to creating ethically-made pieces, we harness the talents of local Filipino craftspeople and prioritize sustainable materials. We believe that fashion should be an experience of affordable luxury that is accessible to all.

Fashion is not one-size-fits-all. It should reflect who you are, your personality, and your values. That's why we are dedicated to providing a range of clothing styles that celebrate diversity and body neutrality. From relaxed sets to versatile dresses, our pieces are thoughtfully designed to fit and flatter every woman.

Our journey began in January 2020 when Cha chose to pursue her passion for fashion. With hard work, perseverance, and a big dream fueled by love, struggle, and grit, Anyo Manila was launched six months later.

As the creative force behind Anyo Manila, Cha intimately understands the Filipino spirit and vision. Every piece she designs creatively merges fashion and function, embodying the resilience and determination that define our brand.

Join us as we continue to shape a sustainable fashion future, where hardships are merely stepping stones towards realizing what we love. At Anyo Manila, we are more than just a brand – we are a community of empowered women who believe in the power of dreams. Let's embrace a sustainable and stylish future, together.