Ageless and Timeless | About Anyo Manila

Ageless and Timeless | About Anyo Manila | Anyo Manila

Designed by a Filipina.. primarily for Filipinas.

Supporting sustainable style and showcasing stylish glamour created for Filipino women.

Anyo is an online fashion and lifestyle brand of high-quality, elegant, and locally-created clothing pieces for women of all sizes. We feature functional and fashionable pieces that are creatively designed by a Filipina and proudly made in the Philippines. One of our goals is to maintain a platform that supports local designers and showcases fashionable women’s apparel.

At Anyo, our vision is to be recognized as a trusted local designer brand that empowers women to unleash their confidence and enhance their professional look by designing and delivering fashion products created by local Philippine talents. To fulfill this, we consciously live by our mission to provide high-quality, fashionable, and functional women’s wear.


Fashion | Function

At Anyo, we inject functionality in every design that we create. We want our styles to be ageless and timeless; that’s why we don’t just focus on trends alone. More importantly, we make our clothes practical and useful for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an everyday style, smart casual office wear, or a professional executive look, we have a wide selection of fashionable and functional clothing pieces.


Classy | Confident

Anyo empowers women always to look their best, no matter the circumstances. We provide effortless styles at affordable price tags. We do this by designing and carefully handcrafting women’s clothing pieces that are chic and classy, unleashing your inner confidence, and enhancing your professional look.

Looking your best should not be expensive nor challenging. With our collection of high-quality garments and apparels, you can experience affordable luxury with just a few clicks of a button, and right at the comfort of your own home.


Local | Ethical

We care about the environment. We promote sustainable fashion.

Our team at Anyo understands that the fashion industry can be damaging to our planet if we continue to support fast fashion. We need to stop over-consuming clothing items that only last for a couple of weeks or months. Instead, we need to shop for timeless fashion products that are ethically sourced, manufactured, and delivered.

At Anyo, we do this. We encourage ethical consumer behavior and support slow fashion while promoting local, timeless designs made by our talented fellowmen. If we work on this together, if we choose local brands over internationally mass-produced fashion items, we can help save our environment in our own little ways. 


Choose local. Choose Anyo.